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Welcome to Menominee Maroons Booster Club!

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  • Our mission statement: The Maroons Booster Club is here to help all student-athletes, coaches, and athletic programs at Menominee High School. Our purpose is to provide the athletic programs the resources they need to run successful programs and give the student-athletes a positive experience while doing so.

  • Upcoming Events:

    • Online Facebook Auction: January 2024

    • The Booster Bash is February 24th, 2024   at the Pullman House  (Stay tuned for more info and ticket sales!)

  • Website: Follow our Booster Club Facebook Page to receive all updates on events, apparel sales, and Booster news!

  • A Year in Review:

Take a look at what we were up to and what we funded during the 2022-2023 school year!

  • A list of our board members:

    • Hannah Bell, President

    • Kelsey Herrild, Secretary

    • Alyssa Higley, Treasurer

    • Josh Kellner, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator

    • Keri Sallgren, Apparel Coordinator

    • Nikki Mathieu, Volunteer Coordinator

    • Mary Fay Daigneau, Concession Coordinator

    • Leah Simi, Concession Coordinator

    • Jess Thonne, Boys Athletic Program Coordinator

    • Melody Spies, Girls Athletic Program Coordinator

  • Our organization depends solely on volunteers and community fundraising. If you are interested in helping in any way, please use the following contact information.

Contact Information:


Facebook Page: Booster Club Facebook Page Form

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